November 09, 2011


Snares around poverty stricken areas that border on wild habitats in South Africa are on the increase. While some consider primates to be bushmeat, for others eating wild primate meat has become a trend: snaring does not discriminate and the poacher will eat any animal found in his/her trap. We ask all landowners and tenants living in these conditions to please practice regular anti-poaching patrols on your land and surrounding areas to confront the problem.
Educating the poachers is necessary too, as is taking the consequences of poverty into consideration.
The video below depicts Joseph's story. He is a young male baboon who was caught in a snare close by. Once again I do want to thank Dr Rolf Lamprecht of Knysna for helping dart the baboon and take the snare off free of charge.
November 2011 - Another snare victim: this female baboon was helped by the DPG and is now healthy, free and back with her family.