October 01, 2009


For some time now, our troop of unrelated monkeys - formed from orphans and injured monkeys that have been rescued - have been free roaming in the indigenous forest here, learning all the skills necessary for survival in the wild. Mr No Hands - aka Gandhi - has proved to be a perfect father to the orphans, perfect mate to surrogate mother Monki and perfect companion and protector to the juveniles.
What has been particularly touching is the manner in which the monkeys mobilise to warn the free ranging chickens here of approaching predators. Many a chicken's life has been saved by this troop, especially on overcast days when small raptors (that are no threat to vervets) come hunting. This illustrates the symbiotic relationship the monkeys have with the other animals that share their territory.
Other predators like snakes, honey badgers and caracal are also warned away by the troop who are learning a lot by all the wild visitors we have around this property.