December 01, 2009

Baboon or Monkey Proofing your Home

It's not that I can easily live with an aesthetically, unappealling home. I'm not sure any artist can. But when it comes to the necessity of sharing a territory with wild animals as many of us do, along with the choice, comes tolerance and compromise. If we don't excercise those two options and choose instead to shoot, we undoubtedly contribute to an escalating, damaged environment - one we humans are entirely dependant on for survival, in spite of the level of denial we appear to be in.


These pictures are taken at home where we have resorted to cheap ways of baboon and monkey proofing the home we live in. We have made screens and "intruder boundaries" out of cheap, strong wire or simple insect screening which works for monkeys. For those needing to do something similar in a more artistic manner, there are countless artists who would design beautiful intruder barriers (burglar bars) that will make you wonder why you ever resisted this option in the first place. Just contact me and I will put you in touch with an artist you need.
The wild baboon troop come by regularly and the monkeys as you probably know by now, are orphaned and injured individuals going through rehab.

With these simple, cheap methods of keeping the non-human primates amongst us out, our lives are free of raids, damaged possessions and that indefinable frustrating feeling of feeling helpless in the face of lost possessions.

I find it easy to live with both baboons and monkeys simply because our home is baboon/monkey/human proofed.

And this is why whenever I meet a financially, unchallenged individual who justifies their killing of our indigenous primates, by saying it costs too much in money or effort, I despair at the nature of humans - the unwillingness to look at life with fresh eyes and embrace new ideas that may help our dying environment.
The closer I am led into the intimate lives of vervets and baboons and other non-human animals, the more I understand that it is humans who need rehabilitation - who need to adapt their lives to live with others, so that the path that damages the environment we share is turned around for the sake of us all.

It is far more peaceful to live in harmony once one makes the decision to compromise and add a few changes to one's home. Try it before you knock it - you'll be contributing to a better world. And you'll wonder why you put yourself through all the uneccessary frustration of living in a way that brings hostility.


The bars in these photos are seven cms x seven cms and are effective in keeping vervet monkeys out.