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Latest Pics.- integrating new babies into the troop.

Gandhi, Madala (baby number two) and Nakedi (one year old male)
Nakedi and baby Madala.

Gandhi, alpha male with new baby, Sputnik
Jack - 2 year old male with Sputnik
Monki - sub adult female, with Sputnik and Gandhi

Sputnik and Madala, the first orphans of 2008, surrounded by their new family. Gandhi (Mr No Hands - a snare victim), Monki, a sub-adult female,Jack a 2 year old male and Nakedi a one year old have taken on most nurturing responsibilities. Gandhi and Monki have embraced the role of top male and female.
Gandhi's alpha presence impacts on Monki's behaviour and all the monkeys have been focussing on the two new babies, ensuring a constant bonding for the whole group. The babies appear to gain much security from having not only a mother, but also an alpha male and juvenile siblings. When this option is not possible, a human surrogate mother is necessary for orphans. But seeing this process of orphaned babies integrating into the troop here shows the extent that monkeys need to be with their own kind wherever possible.