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This site was created with one objective: to provide a platform for those seeking primate related information. Although it is a blog site, and comments are read and sometimes added, it is not our intention to have an interactive blog. Residents wanting to liase on how to co-exist with monkeys or baboons, please contact us via email. Given the stats data we receive, many people from all over the world visit our site daily, particularly the slide show on how to co-exist with wild primates. We welcome you all and thank you for popping by.


Update on legislation in 2008

Although we hoped that legislation would be restructured in the Western Cape to adapt to the requirements of the N.E.M.B.A (National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act) as mentioned in a previous post, it is now 2008 and the Hunting Proclamation in the Western Cape still allows our indigenous vervet and baboon to be persecuted without protection in rural areas where these species free roam, surviving precariously in areas adjacent to increasing human development.